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Is the cast of “The Fades” undead?

26 Oct

Growing up with the characters of teen melodrama had a tendency to make me feel like a third grader in class with Billy Madison. Dude, you were clearly supposed to be out of here fifteen years ago, I am not fooled. Fortunately, British TV has been doing a great job of casting their shows with people who don’t look all that different from how I did in high school. While shows like Skins call for actual kids to play kids, BBC Three’s new show The Fades was lucky enough to find magical adults who somehow look the part. Seeing its season finale tomorrow night, the show takes an influx of flesh-eating ghost-zombies to a high school full of inconspicuous actors who are actually in their 20’s. While quite a few cast members have only been out of school for a couple of years, we are convinced some of these dudes might actually have Benjamin Button Syndrome.

Below, we count down The Fades cast members most likely to be ageless beings.

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Weeds Recap: “Thwack”

17 Aug

Weeds! Remember Weeds? The “smart and sexy comedy”? The “perfect suburban satire”? Yeah, that show ended about three seasons ago. But now we have new and improved (disclaimer: not actually improved) Weeds! Nancy Botwin left the suburbs in favor of her West Coast Sex Tour, falling into a drug ring underneath a maternity store, and getting knocked up by a crime boss-slash-mayor of Tijuana. Nancy 2.0 gives no fucks. Pregnant? She’s going to get drunk, eat sushi, and have disturbing rape sex. No worries, Andy will take care of the baby! Shane has a threesome, an STD scare, a bullet in his shoulder, and a knife to someone’s throat? Shit happens! Silas abandons his plans and has to baby-sit his mother while selling drugs and crushing on his heroin-addicted step-sister? Boys will be boys! Nancy Botwin has always been a morally shaky character but Nancy 2.0 drunkenly stole the Worst Mother Award from Betty Draper and beat her sons half to death with it.

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