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Sarah’s Top 10 Crushes of 2011

30 Dec

Creatively, 2011 has spoiled the shit out of us. We’ve been damn lucky audiences to be able to sit back and watch masters of music, movies, and TV bust their asses off for our pleasure. Everyone has been on top of their game, and they deserve all the year-end love they can get for how well they’ve done. But that’s all been covered, and I’d like to give appreciation for other gifts. Like hotness, for example. AND OH MAN, DID 2011 DELIVER ON THAT FRONT.

Below are the dudes whose talents, charm, good looks, and general perfection ruined my life most this past year. Just remember boys, the ranking doesn’t matter. You are all winners.

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Top 10 TV Shows of 2010

1 Jan

Why was it ever cool to act like you didn’t own/watch TV? Yeah, there’s been a lot of shit on the airwaves in the past, but the medium is better than it’s ever been. In the midst of belittling reality television, there seems to a bigger number of smart comedies and dramas being greenlit than ever before (not including Outsourced, of course). And while this list will show I haven’t been as on-the-ball with new programs as I could be (so I didn’t watch Walking Dead or Boardwalk Empire, and who knows if I ever will), 2010’s TV certainly kept me on my toes.

10. Skins
Alright, alright, I’m just going to go out and say that this selection is mere filler. Let’s face it: the British teen sensation has never been worse than it was this year. Like, that chick who killed herself whose story was resolved in two episodes? The ENTIRE crazy Effy storyline? WHAT THE HELL, DUDES? Though this shit was super disappointing, it gave me something to yell at, which I guess makes for an appropriately cathartic experience for its mostly teenage audience. Well done? (No.) Whatever, it was at least better than True Blood.

9. The Big C
Showtime’s new Laura Linney vehicle is only so low on my list because I didn’t catch the entire season. Though College Humor’s (kind of accurate) accusations that it was Breaking Bad minus everything that made Breaking Bad awesome, this suburban exploration of cancer read like a Bucket List for a busy mom who didn’t have time to fly planes to Mount Everest and shit. A light, late summer existentialist comedy that boasts some of Linney’s best moments yet. I’ll probably have to catch up with it sometime.

8. Nurse Jackie
Of all of Showtime’s female-heavy powerhouse performances, who can top Edie Falco? I mean, what a fierce bitch. Though oftentimes despicable anti-hero her titular character is, you can’t help but be transfixed by her downward spiral. Season two takes her further down the rabbit hole, and while I thought the intense finale had its hokier moments, Nurse Jackie continues to make its case as one of the most fun, interesting, and well-cast shows on television.

7. United States of Tara
If there’s anything I really appreciate about Showtime’s aforementioned female dramedies, it’s that they seem to unravel like real life– with a quirk or two. The Diablo Cody-penned show on multiple personalities really hit its stride in this season, with Toni Collette and John Corbett’s marriage at its rockiest, Patton Oswalt at his most awesome, and highly intriguing teenage identity crises. In fact, it’s usually the exploits of Collette’s onscreen children that I enjoy the most, and Keir Gilchrist’s sexual schism and Brie Larson’s post-high school confusion made for the show’s most exciting performances.

6. Futurama
They say good things come to those who wait, and the long-awaited return of Matt Groening’s nerdier project proved to be worth it. Coming back from the exact moment where 2008’s DVD series left off, Futurama is back with more bite than ever. Though episodes clearly inspired by recent pop cultural events were welcome (if not a little late– an early season Susan Boyle jab seemed a bit irrelevant), sweeping standouts like “The Late Philip J. Fry” reminded fans how much the show shines when it revels in the limitless possibilities of its time period.

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