Sarah Fonder: Founder and east coast college kid currently studying journalism. She has written for The F Bomb and several personal interest blogs.
Erika Paget: Blue jean baby and LA lady with magic bangs. With an impressive background earned through her mad talent, she has caught her footing writing for Missbehave, Buzzine, and more. She is currently interning at Videogum.
Meghan Wichern: One of our resident fashion experts who majored in Awesome at Northwestern and totally styled the “Stacey’s Mom” music video. Her fashion blog  has been featured in The Awl and Lucky, so she totally knows her shit.
Martin Douglas Martin: Reigning music editor who, like, totally knows more new stuff than you. He writes for several blogs, including Pitchfork and a recurring feature for Passion of the Weiss.
Matthew Edwards: Art director and fellow music blogger.
Pilot Viruet: Heavily cultured film and TV head. She graduated from Hofstra with a major in Degrassi and a minor in Four Loko. She has contributed to such blogs as PopEater, The Rumpus, and more.

If you’re interested in contributing to Man-Size, contact Sarah.

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