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New Brad City: 10 Favorite Brad Moments from Happy Endings

31 Dec

No one seems to pay for cable these days, but chances are, if you own a tumblr account or have access to .gifs, you’ve seen Happy Endings. The fast-paced, precisely-timed sitcom about dysfunctional friends living in Chicago has absolutely hit its stride this year in its third season, fleshing out its six kooky main characters and allowing each actor to really settle into his and her role, no one more so than Damon Wayans Jr, who is absolutely delightful as Brad Williams. Devoted husband, best friend, and candle enthusiast, Brad has dominated the season with .gif-worthy antics, sassy quotables, and weird voices all your friends have surely tried to impersonate. Here, I look back on Brad’s 10 best moments in 2012 season.

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Your Fashion Week Hangover is BACK!

12 Feb

Hey Everyone! Its fashion week ONCE AGAIN! yes. already. you know what that means, right? Time to kick off your platform clogs, climb out of your high-waisted super wide flares, put on your favorite stolen hoodie and watch the circus from afar with yours truly.

I’ve only gone through Thursday’s collections but I can already tell that there’s going to be a LOT more yelling about 90s NOSTALGIA! and GRUNGE CHIC and SEATTLE and the like this season more than last. And I might partake a little but not too much. We can’t hold the fact that most of these designers grew up during that time and are beginning to draw inspiration from it against them. The 90s are the new 80s are the new 70s are the new 60s….ugh someone get me a cocktail. Continue reading

Ladies and gentlemen, your new home awaits.

28 Jul

The internet is such a gaping abyss. There’s so much of it that it’s hard to know who’s talking straight, right? That’s why it’s good to find a place that gives you a sense of know-how. Man-Size aims to be that place.

What is Man-Size, you say? I am glad you asked, Timmy! Man-Size is made with the modern young woman (and hey, dudes too– we are tolerant) in mind. An ever-changing world demands you stay on the ball, and trust me: we know what we are talking about. Covering the entire span of America, the ladies and dudes of Man-Size will keep you updated on the newest bits in fashion, music, movies, television, FOOD, travel, and so, so much more.

Here at Man-Size, we are like the climax of the Mathletes tournament in Mean Girls: the limit does not exist.

There is no spoon.