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Breaking News: New iPhone app makes shit REAL

18 Jan

We all know Shazam is SHAMAZING. I use that thing so often it’s totally embarrassing. However, its effectiveness aside, it’s made me wish there was something for those moments where you’re like “OH MY GOD THIS NAMELESS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND I’M GOING TO GO CRAZY IF I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS.”

Welp dudes, WISH NO MORE. Yup, THE INTERNET GODS HAVE HEARD OUR PRAYERS. Enter SoundHound, a new app that is basically Shazam without music: sing or hum that earworm straight into your microphone and, in a

s little as four seconds, WHAM. You just made magic. Unless you’re terrible at humming, which, let’s face it, like no one with a coherent larynx is.

Best part? IT’S. FREE. Unless you buy the $4.99 version, but I don’t even care enough to find out what the difference is because I’m so excited about the whole idea of this anyway.

Make haste, my dear friends. Download this shit YESTERDAY.

(Urban Daddy)