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Counting Down to the Academy Awards: 127 Hours

18 Feb

I love the Academy Awards. I completely, unabashedly, and over-enthusiastically love the Academy Awards. Sure, you can say it’s a Hollywood circle jerk where rich, pretty people praise other rich, pretty people for doing their job. It’s like if Borders went bankrupt because they blew millions of dollars on a night where their cashiers gave each other awards for handing out the correct change. It’s a ridiculous and unnecessary spectacle but I love ridiculous and unnecessary spectacles! I love movies! I love celebrities! I love getting drunk on a Sunday night while watching an award show! But most importantly? I love loudly and incessantly sharing my opinions on the Academy Awards with everyone for the two weeks (months) leading up to the actual show. Listen, if I’m going to be in debt for the rest of my life because I made the silly decision to study movies in college, then I’m sure as hell going to pretend that those four years turned me into a film expert who is qualified to force my stupid opinions on the unsuspecting (and unwanting) e-public.

So let’s talk about movies! Starting with 127 Hours!

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Scott Pilgrim!!?!?!!!

10 Aug

Eliza Mulcahy is freshly graduated from Emerson College and is currently thriving in Boston’s theatre district, what with her theatre love. She seriously knows her comics and has read the Scott Pilgrim series several times, so listen to her.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is motherfucking magnificent. Edgar Wright took the series of six manga-inspired comic books and turned them into one of the most genuinely fun movies that I’ve seen in years. Some of the translations from page to screen are so perfectly executed, it’s as if author Bryan Lee O’Malley’s imagination was storyboarded. Continue reading