New Brad City: 10 Favorite Brad Moments from Happy Endings

31 Dec

No one seems to pay for cable these days, but chances are, if you own a tumblr account or have access to .gifs, you’ve seen Happy Endings. The fast-paced, precisely-timed sitcom about dysfunctional friends living in Chicago has absolutely hit its stride this year in its third season, fleshing out its six kooky main characters and allowing each actor to really settle into his and her role, no one more so than Damon Wayans Jr, who is absolutely delightful as Brad Williams. Devoted husband, best friend, and candle enthusiast, Brad has dominated the season with .gif-worthy antics, sassy quotables, and weird voices all your friends have surely tried to impersonate. Here, I look back on Brad’s 10 best moments in 2012 season.

10. Rastafari-Brad

The show’s Thanksgiving episode centers around the gang’s original meet up via a lost season of The Real World starring Brad and Max (Adam Pally). Supposedly filmed back in 2002 when they were in college, the show features a still-closeted Max dating a clearly delusional Penny (Casey Wilson), and Jane (Eliza Coupe) looking like a young Gwen Stefani replica, complete with pink hair and low-rise plaid pants. According to the show, Brad and Jane originally hate each other and meet accidentally when a drunken Jane climbs into Brad’s bed instead of castmate Jared’s. But the real star of the episode is Brad’s Rastafarian dreadlocks, which supply the material for the fantastic Brad/Max exchange over who should do the dishes:

Brad: You’re making it real weird, right now.
Max: I’m making it weird, alright Busta Bust?
Brad: Don’t call me that.

Max: Why don’t you throw your hands where my eyes can see, which would be in the sink, doing the dishes.

9. Booty-chin Jared

After discovering Jane’s real intention was to get off with Jared instead of him, Brad angrily pulls her aside and delivers the golden line, ‘Booty-chin Jared?! He has a BOOTY ON HIS CHIN!’

8. Small Talk

Jane, Brad, and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) discuss how difficult it is to talk to their father, Mr. Kerkovich. During a flashback, Brad stands next to him awkwardly, uttering a ‘parties, huh?’ so relatably uncomfortable, it rivals the classic, ‘Big Gulps, huh?‘ of the 90s.

7. Faking Unemployment

Although this episode is overshadowed by the introduction of Sinbrad (see #6), it also features Brad in a crazy scheme element more normally reserved for Max and Penny. Brad ends up getting his old job back, but, afraid to tell Jane, he creates insane setups to keep her from finding out, even going so far as to build a background identical to his living room so he can Skype with her at the office from the supposed comfort of their home. He finally can’t lie anymore when she suggests they meet up for a little afternoon delight and Brad must race home and draw a bath before she arrives. He yells at Sinbrad to ‘stall her’ and jumps in the tub in his full suit. She finds out he’s been lying and denies him the deed, to which Brad mutters through clenched teeth, ‘UGHHH! I WANT IT!’

6. Boys II Menorah

When Max takes a gig being the hype man at Bar Mitzvahs, he brings Brad in and the two are a dream team. They’re broken up after Brad rips Max’s signature Dreidel spin dance move during a surreptitious solo performance but make amends following a ‘hype-off’ and record the truly wonderful Boys II Menorah music video. FYI, step four is to believe in yourself and step five is to repeat step four. Steps to live by.

5. Sinbrad

After Brad is laid off, Jane goes back to work and, worried about him getting bored, unearths his old ventriloquist dummy Sinbrad to keep him company. A ‘black’ dummy with a flattop and 80s attire, Sinbrad is a channel for Brad’s thoughts and serves up snappy one-liners like, ‘She’s so whack, her first name should be Knick Knack Paddy!’ followed by his signature scream. I hope Sinbrad pops up more throughout the show’s run, if only to end scenes with ‘AHHHHHHHHSNAPPPP.’

4. The Head Whip

A funky, sassy episode mainstay, Brad’s classic head whip is there to help him deliver a solid one-liner, a great roast, or, accompanied with his high-pitched squeal, get him out of awkward situations. An obvious joy to watch.

3. The ID Freakout

Before realizing Jane’s birthday is not in July, but rather on Christmas, the gang is carded at the bar. The waiter says Jane’s ID is fake and threatens to call the cops, at which point everyone freaks out, especially Brad, who yells, ‘CALL THE COPS! YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST CALL THE COPS ‘CAUSE I’M BLACK?!’

2. Hip-hop Santa

The crux of the Christmas episode is the gang’s resolve to not celebrate the holiday, rather, to celebrate Jane’s birthday so she doesn’t feel neglected. They all fail miserably at keeping old Saint Nick out of their day, but Brad finds temptation in the motion-activated Hip-Hop Santa doll that starts dancing when Brad opens the closet. Clearly trying to resist, he ultimately falls prey to the moves, lamenting that ‘you can’t have a pop without a lock.’

1. Spoiled Brad


After Jane makes fun of Brad to help win over her ‘boys club’ coworkers, Brad seeks revenge by turning into the spoiled, obnoxious housewife Jane considers him. There are no good words to describe how he acts; only this will do.

There will be another handful of episodes to round out the season in 2013, which means I’m apologizing to my friends now because I will absolutely spend every Wednesday quoting episodes and group-emailing only the most relevant screen caps (all of them).

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  2. erikapaget December 31, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    That was a wonderful moment, obviously! The clothes are so tiny! But I guess I was getting all the moments from season 3, which is dumb now that I think about it because it’s not even done yet.

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