Is the cast of “The Fades” undead?

26 Oct

Growing up with the characters of teen melodrama had a tendency to make me feel like a third grader in class with Billy Madison. Dude, you were clearly supposed to be out of here fifteen years ago, I am not fooled. Fortunately, British TV has been doing a great job of casting their shows with people who don’t look all that different from how I did in high school. While shows like Skins call for actual kids to play kids, BBC Three’s new show The Fades was lucky enough to find magical adults who somehow look the part. Seeing its season finale tomorrow night, the show takes an influx of flesh-eating ghost-zombies to a high school full of inconspicuous actors who are actually in their 20’s. While quite a few cast members have only been out of school for a couple of years, we are convinced some of these dudes might actually have Benjamin Button Syndrome.

Below, we count down The Fades cast members most likely to be ageless beings.

3. Iain de Caestecker (Paul)

Character’s age:
Looks about:
Actual age:
As someone only a little older than he might look, Iain de Caestecker is probably not a magical immortal sent to destroy us all. He may, however, suffer the unfortunate burden of being carded absolutely every time he wants to buy a beer, which I can totes relate to. He should call me for empathy (or other things). Y’know. People helping people.

2. Jenn Murray (Natalie)

Character’s age:
 zombie child of indeterminate age
Looks about:
Actual age:
Jesus, what?! Jenn Murray’s deceptively small frame would seriously lead to you believe she is somewhere in her mid-teens. I mean, look at her. The discovery of her real age, however, makes her romantic undertones with the show’s Big Bad (the fantastic Joe Dempsie at his best) far less icky.

1. Sophie Wu (Jay)

Character’s age:
Looks about:
Actual age:
Sophie Wu is by far the cast member most likely to be some sort of unicorn blood-drinking divinity. If the discovery of her actual age isn’t BLOWING YOUR MIND GRAPES RIGHT NOW, I don’t know what to tell you. If I was in high school and she showed up one day as an undercover journalist, I would totally not be suspicious at all. It’d also provide this possibly ageless being access to plenty of the innocent morsels required to keep a youthful glow.*

The Fades season finale airs on BBC Three tomorrow night at 9:00 PM (or 21:00, whatever, I’m not British).

*Man-Size does not in any way advocate the consumption of human flesh in spite of its many anti-aging properties.

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  1. Mackenzie Taylor Tahorudo May 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm #

    In spite of all of the resources the Western coalition could provide, these wars proven out to be neither.

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