Your Fashion Week Hangover is BACK!

12 Feb

Hey Everyone! Its fashion week ONCE AGAIN! yes. already. you know what that means, right? Time to kick off your platform clogs, climb out of your high-waisted super wide flares, put on your favorite stolen hoodie and watch the circus from afar with yours truly.

I’ve only gone through Thursday’s collections but I can already tell that there’s going to be a LOT more yelling about 90s NOSTALGIA! and GRUNGE CHIC and SEATTLE and the like this season more than last. And I might partake a little but not too much. We can’t hold the fact that most of these designers grew up during that time and are beginning to draw inspiration from it against them. The 90s are the new 80s are the new 70s are the new 60s….ugh someone get me a cocktail.

OK! First up! Nicholas K.

Nicholas K is this seasons Vena Cava for me…this year’s sleeper hit, if you will.  My reaction to the first part of the show was indifference: the black on black early 90s nu metal redux has been done so lets move on.

BUT! Then I started seeing army greens and cream soled platform boots (!!!)  and thermal underwear worn as outer-wear and I was admittedly intrigued. And while the whole thing smells a LITTLE bit too much like a girl from my 7th grade class who spent the summer in Seattle with her older brother’s family not washing her hair and came back REALLY into Mudhoney and the Butthole Surfers. But that girl had a good eye for earth tones and knew how to layer and incorporate her brother’s hand-me-downs into her wardrobe in such a way that she didn’t look like she was wearing the contents of a rag-bin. Same goes for this Nicholas K collection. Its effortless without looking messy and thats my jam.

Next up: my potential favorite so far, Richard Chai-Love.

It’s modern. It’s masculine (but without being overly boxy or losing the element of flowy femininity). It was gorgeous. Even if you aren’t like me and you don’t live your life for neutrals till the wheels fall off, you won’t be bored by this collection. The mixture of textures and depth of the neutrals keeps this collection interesting. And there are so many great long dresses and dropped waists and lady like accents (sequins and panels of floral prints to be exact) that its impossible NOT to love this collection. or want to live in it.

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