Can you keep a secret?

9 Nov

It’s no surprise that I’m deeply crazy about lingerie. Can you blame me? It’s so pretty and silky! So secretive and sexy! You get it? Even if you don’t, the women behind Journelle, one of New York’s best lingerie stores, totally do.

In fact, they get me SO MUCH that they are starting a super secret website called Confidentielle that gives you insane weekly deals so that keeping your lingerie drawer stocked with #1 brands doesn’t break the bank. Can you believe it? It’s pretty much exactly like any revolution that ever happened ever (no it isn’t), except no one had to die for it! And this is seriously BREAKING NEWS, like hot off the presses, because Man-Size loves you so much that we don’t hesitate in dropping news like it’s hot. So why not get on it ASAP? Ladies, sign up! Dudes too because you can’t go wrong getting something from Journelle for your girl. Like, seriously, your original plan to try and give her Frederick’s or Victoria’s was gonna get you laughed out of the damn house, so it’s really for the best. This is a win-win situation in the making, so sign the hell up. But remember, you didn’t hear it from me.

Join the underground at Confidentielle. Reductions on Fleur of England start this week.

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