Pimpin’ ain’t easy: Design Glut

23 Oct

There’s just something that really blows my mind grapes about creative jewelry. Really cheeky brands like Tatty Devine and White Trash Charms (R.I.P.) have always been irresistible to me, and investing in their wares has gotten me a lot of compliments. And it makes sense– any asshole can buy a screenprinted shirt, but it takes chutzpah to get a necklace that has, like, a keyboard cat with a Flock of Seagulls haircut on it– right? Right?

Design Glut has been one of those really awesome brands making smart, funny stuff under the radar for years. With a resume of socially-savvy stuff like gun-shaped cigarette holders and oil barrel necklaces, they’re like White Trash Charms for the politically aware. However, the aforementioned White Trash Charms’ recent death is proof that even creativity and tons of press aren’t enough to keep a business going. This is where you come in.

With Kickstarter’s help, Design Glut is trying to raise $10,000 to get their jewelry collection off the ground, and for those willing to help, they’ve got some insane rewards. Just $5 will you get you their trademark “Awkward Moment” card with a hand-written awkward moment that is all your own, while $15 will get you into a web seminar where they’ll give you business advice (not to mention the card). From there, the prizes really just get more and more awesome: from $30+, you can get some seriously insane necklaces that I promise no one else is going to have. The coolest after the jump:

$60 can get you any of five super limited edition necklaces, my favorites being the reversible sign (that you can totally use as a way to show other people you’re pissed off, or maybe show a dude you’re DTF) and a pay phone WITH THE PHONE HANGING OFF THE DAMN HOOK, because YOU will be off the hook if you own it.

Donate $100 and get another five choices, my personal favorite of them all being A FUCKING PINK ENAMEL HOOKAH. Like, you will be the #1 fashionista stoner (even though dry weed is bad for hookahs, duh) with this baby because there are ONLY FIVE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
And from there? The rewards do not even quit! Donate $500 and either hang out with Design Glut or get a bottle of wine from them, get a custom necklace for $1000 AND hang out with them, and so many more options.

When the rewards of helping get a business of the ground are this awesome, how can you not be intrigued? To tell you the truth, even as a broke college student, I’m absolutely sold. Shouldn’t you be too?

Help Design Glut start a jewelry line and donate to their Kickstarter right here. For instant gratification, the World Links necklace, pictured at the top, is available now at their website.

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