Fashion Week Hangover: Part Three

16 Sep

This is going to be short because I am a little overwhelmed right now by all that happened in the last two days of fashion week. For right now let me give you some quick thoughts on my faves. Above is Mulberry which I was ready to let fly under my radar until Karen from “WhereDidUGetThat” started tweeting about being at the show. I’m of the school that if Karen is interested in something, there’s a pretty good chance its dope as hell. And in this case it WAS. Rainbow rabbit prints, a-line belted trenches, crazy colored BAGS, high-waisted pleated pants that I could never wear but look so amazing on the skinnies out there and that electric blue jumpsuit all made me quiver just a little bit.

Then there was Alice + Olivia. Oh man was this collection ALL OVER THE PLACE. But in the best way possible: some feathers here, some feathers there, a little bit of 70s bordello, a little bit of 90s club kid, a dash of Japanese street wear circa 1996 and a hint of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. The whole thing was magical and confusing and really needs to be seen in its entirety to be believed.

And then there was Rodarte. Ah, the Mulleavy sisters must feel pretty good about themselves right now,huh? No one can conceal their web boners for anything those two do. Again, rightfully so. This collection, while completely unwearable, is brilliant. Its perPLEXING and yet some strange part of me totally gets it. I don’t know. There’s something vaguely familiar about it. Maybe it’s that the shoes and some of the patterns remind me of all the Delftware my parents collected when I was growing up. Maybe it’s that they incorporated so many different types of heavy conflicting deep 1970s patterns and materials. Maybe it’s that I just like blue and gold a TON. I think that at the end of the day the brilliance of this collection lies in the fact that it’s not wearable stuff…its INSPIRING stuff…CONCEPTUAL stuff…the type of clothes that make you think about where they’re coming from and what they mean to you.

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