Your Fashion Week Hangover: Part 2

14 Sep

I am not going to lie to you folks: I have been a little underwhelmed by what’s been shown so far this year at fashion week. A lot of it seems messy and hastily thrown together. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like messy and hastily thrown together. I AM messy and hastily thrown together on the daily. But I am not showing at New York fashion week.  I am not being paid to provide fashions to the rich folks. And everything that I have seen so far has either been very white washed and neutral or the work of a cracked out hippie circa 1989.  And as much as I can abide by those things? I was hungry for more.

And then there was Marc Jacobs. Oh Marc. I was in love with your work back in 2005. It was perfect for me at that time. The bright colors. The big buttons. The bold prints. But you kept on doing the same thing over. And over. And over. At some point I fell asleep and gave up on you ever showing up to the game again and designing for anything but adolescents. We were going our separate fashion ways. It was sad but necessary.

Until tonight. Oh Marc. You’re BACK! You’re back and YSL-ing it UP!! Oh happy day! Big Hair! Big Hats! Wide Leg Pants! Nip Slips! Sheer Fabrics! VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME! HUGE flowers! HUGER belts! Apparently Marc’s  inspiration was the 70s with a dash of 30s flapper (read: YSL at its best). But to me? It smacked of Grace Coddington….the hair was all Grace and the clothes and the colors and the movement and the shapes screamed “PUT ME IN AN EDITORIAL GRACE!! PUT ME IN FRONT OF A FAN AND SHOOT ME FOR VOGUE!” and I have a feeling we’ll all be seeing A LOT of the concepts Marc showed us in this collection this spring….the old school, Missoni style stripes, the ALMOST tacky 70s prints and the brilliantly juxtaposed bold, rich colors on sheer fabrics.

Finally! Something to look forward to for next spring.

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