Your Fashion Week Hangover Begins Today

10 Sep

New York Fashion Week officially kicked New York City in the face yesterday with its new digs at Lincoln Center and some pretty lackluster fashion shows (Christian Siriano did over the top dresses and sky-high platform shoes? GET ME MY SMELLING SALTS!) and a few that are actually worth talking about. As this week unfolds, I will do my best to bring you the highlights of this week of a thousand “OMG Fashion Week is SO EXHAUSTING” complaints from fashion bloggers. I am not going to pan any designer unless they do something straight up sinful (example: butterfly clips) but I will showcase a few designers who I feel are going to be leading the march towards spring trends in 2011.

First up is Vena Cava. At first, I kind of absent mindedly scrolled through the collection, not really paying attention to details, occasionally shrugging to myself and going “well I mean it’s not AWFUL.”

But then I saw the Baja hoodie poncho BLOUSON seen to the left here. If you read my fashion hangover, you know that I have been calling  for the return of this particular garment  for some time now, so any designer ready to ride that train with me? Immediately gets my attention and potentially my undying love.

Soon I began to notice a pattern in the looks Vena Cava had put together:  a return to early 90’s simplicity and color blocking! Overalls! Halter Dresses! The collection is  (at times) an homage to that early 90’s Hilfiger aesthetic if Tommy Hilfiger hung out in a Tibetan clothing store all the time. Almost  like a greatest hits of 1990-1994  BUT without shoving 3045  hackneyed “Saved By the Bell or “90210” references down your throat.  There are still “modern” and “now” pieces that will satisfy those of you who refuse to embrace your youth once again. There are jumpsuits and clean lines and billowy dresses to keep you folks from dismissing the ENTIRE collection. 

When I was a bell bottom/baby doll dress wearing college kid, complaining to my mother about how disappointing it was that she had not kept any of the jeans she had embroidered for my father when they were hippies living in upstate New York, she looked at me and said, “Well, to be honest with you those are fashion mistakes I never wanted to make again.” And at the time I totally got what she was saying…I was VERY anti early 90s. But now that I can look back on my bad hair and glasses and braces and laugh good natured-ly at my mistakes, I welcome the resurgence of the 90’s with open arms and a pair of blue-tinted John Lennon glasses.

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    Nice blog

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