Agent Provocateur gets voyeuristic for AW10

1 Aug

If I were Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corré, I would seriously start regretting my decision to leave the company– this classic British lingerie label is just getting better and better. Known as one of the most titillating brands on the planet, their new autumn/winter collection seems less about showing skin and more about, in their website’s words, “[seduction] by the allure of what cannot be seen”. Rife with gorgeous new sets and stylish updates of old favorites, the new ranges definitely do not disappoint.

Perhaps taking last year’s extravagantly discreet couture collection a step farther, some of these pieces offer so much coverage that, hell, if I were rich and famous, you’d probably see me wear them on the red carpet. Worn with a slip, the hourglass-shaped Zelda is tailor-made for starlets searching for their inner femme fatale, while the slinky Veronika screams old Hollywood. Meanwhile, the classic Gangster range gets a sophisticated new addition in the similarly tasteful slip (above, left) that is modest enough to wear in public.

However, the label’s signature kink is not absent from AW10. In fact, each new range is presented by a faceless model in a hotel room showing each piece off for you, making a simple search for underwear that much more deliciously dirty. For all this enticing pomp, it’s not hard to see why Agent Provocateur deems themselves the makers of the sexiest lingerie in the world.

Please buy it for me. Any of the above pieces would be nice.

Pictured, from left: Gangster, Penelope, Melody. See these ranges and more at

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